Monday, March 06, 2006

Pope gets an iPod

And the age old discussion...

Music phones to slice into iPod growth

I'm very happy with my new music player software for my Windows Mobile smartphone (more user-friendly than current Windows Media Player software for smartphone). And with memory cards getting bigger all the time (currently can get the smaller miniSD 2GB card for around AUD$100) i personally would prefer to just carry around the one device that does it all: MP3 player, video player, camera, games, phone, web browser, satellite radio, tv, weather and many more great applications.

The next smartphone on my shopping list is the i-mate K-JAM with full QWERTY keyboard amongst other things.

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Keith said...

Interesting thoughts there Luke. Regarding the convergence concept of phone music and media player I have my own unique experience. When I bought my cell phone here (Japan) one of the features I was excited about was the built in mp3 player and sony memory stick duo card memory so I could have 1/2gb or songs to play in my phone. However, I then found out that Vodafone in Japan has built into the software a feature that only allows you to play songs downloaded from Vodafone Live at a rather high price. The only way around this is to flash the phone memory (voiding your warranty and getting rid of Japanese text support). That said though, mobile phones here are pretty close - you have tv, music, video, camera, schedule, internet, gps navigation, ability to view excel and word docs etc. But in my opinion the best thing so far is the PSP, because the screen is a decent enough size to watch. btw I ended up buying an ipod nano which I am happy with (apart from the gaps between songs). Sorry for the epic comment, but I thought you'd be interested. - Keith