Friday, August 07, 2009

My ANZ Business Banking Experience

Don't get me wrong, I love ANZ.

I feel they have one of the best 'feels' about them - with their new branches, user-friendly forms, website, iPhone Internet Banking and so on.

But in signing up for a Business Account, I encountered a sub-par experience.

After signing up at, I received an email confirmation which told me exactly what was required to be brought in. When I made my way into the 293 Collins St (Melbourne) Business Branch to finalise the account, the Customer Service Representative in Booth 19 told me these requirements were wrong. He ended up being wrong. He sent me away and said I needed a Business Name Registration certificate to open a Business Account under a Sole Trader name. So I went away and queried it with my initial Customer Service Representative, who put it in writing for me that the Representative in Booth 19 was wrong, and that he should call him, or speak with his Manager if any further problems were encountered.

So I traipsed back into the Collins Street Branch, and the next teller (Booth 20) also told me the same as Mr. Booth 19 (I believe she was the one who informed Mr. Booth 19 initially). But after showing her the email correspondence she fumbled her way through setting up an account.

And in the process, complained to me about how she was screwed around the other day when signing up at another organisation for an account. Oh, the irony.

And then when depositing a cheque, the teller proceeded to deposit more into my account than what the cheque stated. I let them know, and they soon fixed it up.

If only there were a way to bill companies for wasting customer's time.

But it is all setup now, and I will happily continue to use the banking service of ANZ. Giving them the benefit of the doubt for this one-off, sub-par customer service experience.