Wednesday, March 08, 2006

13CRAP (13 2727)

Companies have been known to pay substantial amounts of money for specific 13-numbers (eg. 13TAXI). The auction reserve price alone on some of these numbers was as high as AUD$40,000 (

These 13-numbers seem like a great idea. However, with mobiles (smartphones in particular) increasingly incorporating full QWERTY keyboards (in my humble opinion the way of the future), the characters often no longer match up with the numbers, hence voiding the usefulness of the 13-number altogether.

Print media is fine as the respective numbers can also be shown, but from a pure recall perspective, if QWERTY keyboards continue to increase in mobile devices the lifespan of the 13-number will be severely reduced.

Just my two bobs.

PS. How good is the i-mate K-JAM.

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Nathan Kowald said...

I just misread your closing statement "Just my two bobs"

I thought you wrote "Just my two boobs"