Monday, March 23, 2009

Realtime comments on websites

Wow, was just on a retail website, and expected to be able to realtime comment on it (ala Twitter style*). LOL

The website was and I just wanted to make the note that;
1. Twitter is where it's at now, and
2. The technology provided on the Three INQ is not that special, considering websites such as and iPhone applications such as Fex that do the same thing. But, always good to be able to market a cool application that is simple to use.

*Meaning that I felt like I should be able to respond as if I were having a (Twitter) conversation with them. And for all users to be able to view other's comments.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cool fashion blog

Am loving this cool fashion blog right now.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Are you more likely to spend more when purchasing online?

Does anyone else find that they may spend more online than in a physical store?

I noticed I have just done this recently - when placing an order for books online. and other sites (such as provide books for a lot cheaper than retail, so this makes it easier for a start.

But is it only the cost-effectiveness? Or can it also be contributed to the use of non-physical (electronic) money?

I know in poker the use of poker 'chips' is used, as opposed to 'physical' money. One reason for this is that users are less attached to chips than wads of cash. And thus more likely to gamble more.

I am fascinated by this concept.

Take a look at books online for 'Why We Buy' (

My scenario: I spent a lot more than I would have in a physical book store, and also purchased a sole book from a separate site, for roughly what I may have over here in a physical store, when including postage (although not available over here in physical store). Perhaps it is also that I have been engaged with the site for some time - with my goal being to purchase these books from this site - and then human behaviour dictates that I follow through with my goal. Another factor could also be that when purchasing books online (and especially from overseas, for Australian users) is that one may purchase more items in one bulk order, to make postage costs work out effectively lower per item.

Another similar example is how making things easy for customers can increase sales substantially. Take for example Apple's app store. Customers have pre-entered their credit card details, so only have to use a simple once click process to make these small app purchases (plus enter their password in a popup window - a seemingly 'nothing' thing). If users had to enter their full contact and credit card details each time, sales would be overwhelmingly lower. Of note, is that Apple has created a model for this to be used, however this may not be applicable for all businesses.